The Naked Ramen: Japanese Cuisine in Agoura Hills

Hours: Monday - Friday | 11am-3pm

Recently introduced at the beginning of 2017 in the side dining room of Brendan's Agoura Hills restaurant, The Naked Ramen has collectively taken western Los Angeles County as well as the Thousand Oaks area by storm with their delicious Japanese style cuisine. From an assortment of dishes on our menu such as Tori Maze, Shoyu Ramen and Salmon Oyako Danburi accompanied by our abundance of toppings, patrons are sure to not only taste the authenticity of each and every entrée but also feel welcome by the ambience of Japanese culture as they walk through the door.

"patrons are sure to not only taste the authenticity of each and every entrée but also feel welcome by the ambience.."

The Naked Ramen Japanese Cuisine in Agoura Hills, CA

Chef Junichi Iwamoto, left, and Jason Chu, right

After meeting within the past decade in Las Vegas, Jason Chu and Brendan's owner Jonathan Siegel decided to take their appreciation of Japanese cuisine to a whole new level. As ideas began to churn between the two of them, their years of experience within the restaurant business quickly began to synergize as they set course on a partnership owning and managing a restaurant of their own named "The Naked Ramen."

View some of our consumer favorite entrées below including the Yaki Maze Soba, Takoyaki and Shoyu Ramen!

inside The Naked Ramen Japanese restaurant in Agoura Hills, CA

As months continued and the concept of the restaurant continued to mold, Chu decided to reach out to Junichi Iwamoto, a respected chef he previously opened another diner with in Las Vegas to establish the unique flavor that came from the kitchen. After opening the doors on January 17th, this new Japanese cuisine diner located in Agoura Hills continues to provide a one-of-a-kind taste to both the western region of Los Angeles and eastern Ventura County.

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